Holiday Schedule

We offer organised Poker every evening, it's fun and friendly and although we don't play for money there are plenty of prizes to be won to make it interesting and competitive.  We also offer occasional Poker workshops and seminars during the day as well as an introduction session, on the first day so you can book our holidays with out any previous Poker experience.

poker HOLIDAY schedule

08000 346246 or 01656 747700

UK Holidays, Arrive at the hotel from 1pm and you will be met by our Poker Director and Holiday host, if your unsure about any element of Texas Hold'em or how the holiday runs then you will be able to discuss this before the holiday starts at the introductory sessions, but please try and arrive early. Normally you can check in to your bedroom accommodation from 2 or 3pm, there will be a welcome drink reception at 5.30pm with dinner at 6.30pm. Our first evening poker session will start at 7.50pm sharp and is a timed session finishing at 10.15pm. This gives you the chance of enjoying a few drinks after in the hotel bar or to slip in to town for more lively fun.  Breakfast at leisure with the option to join our morning Poker workshop/seminar at 10.30am or make the most of the hotels facilities, many resorts will have indoor swimming pool, spa, treatments and gym.  Afternoon poker session starts at 12.30pm with a light lunch served to us in the card room, this is a again a timed session finishing at 3pm. Scores are collected after each session and distributed within 10 minutes after end of play. You can access this information online and you will be given a print out after each session with your holiday position to date. Plenty of time to relax before meeting for diner at 6.30pm. The Saturday evening session will start at 7.50pm sharp and will again finish at 10.15pm, discuss your evening successes or poor fortune over a cold beer in the hotel or again make the most of the local areas late night entertainment. Sunday morning workshop or seminar is offered again after breakfast at leisure. Our final poker session of the holiday starts at 12.00pm and finish at 2pm sharp so we can have our prize giving shortly after at 2.30pm and allow you to get away from the hotel in good time.  Please note we only offer evening Poker session on our overseas holidays. We do offer an introductory session one the first day and occasional workshops and seminars. You do not have to play in every session and can play as little or as much as you like. Timings are subject to change at the Directors discretion.